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Physiotherapy: The Art of Restoring Well Being

Health, fitness and well being is not a  horizontal concept, it is three dimensional. All the pieces of the jigsaw must fit to synchronize life’s elements with each other. 

It is a fact that most people do not ‘feel’ healthy enough, either physically or emotionally, even when all their vital statistics are perfect. It is not that one has a ‘ disease’, but there is certainly a ‘dis’ ease element. 

When there is something that conventional medicine cannot put its finger on, physiotherapy provides the holistic approach to general well-being. 

Skilled physical therapists are capable of assessing people and fashion a safe and enjoyable activity and training program customized to alleviate physical, emotional, and mental health.

Your Well Being and Physiotherapy

 Physiotherapy with its comprehensive knowledge base is your gateway to restoring well being, solving all kinds of physical, mental, and emotional issues. When you are recuperating, dealing with an injury or illness, and need preventive advice, physical therapy provides you with the gateway to health.

A skilled professional will assess your lifestyle, diet, work, responsibilities, and stress levels to create a personalized wellbeing program. Our qualified experts at Goodwill Physiotherapy & Massage, Calgary, work as a team, analyze all symptoms and elevate the quality of life by using relaxation techniques, exercise, massage, and other touch therapies. 

Physiotherapy is recognized for treating bodily ailments and injuries. However, the scope of this branch of medical science is much wider than people realize. With a unique holistic approach, it promotes your gross, mental, and emotional well-being. Let us see how.

Emotional Wellbeing 

It is a scientific fact that the state of our body’s health is directly related to our feelings, thoughts, and emotions. All the hormones and enzymes of the body are secreted in response to the stimulus created by our thoughts and emotions.

The reverse is also true. Physical therapy can remedy the harmful chemical reactions triggered by emotional turmoil causing untimely disease.  Carefully designed regimes and massages can elevate the quality of emotions and improve happiness levels.

People unknowingly suffer distress due to low self-esteem, feelings of loneliness, anxiety, fear, or even hatred and jealousy.  It is all linked to general fitness. At Goodwill, we fashion enjoyable exercises, and recreation programs to enhance & restore emotional well-being and health awareness.

It has shown amazing results, helping people to cope with addictions(smoking or alcohol), an unwholesome diet, and negative emotions. 

Mental well being 

We all deal with mental issues at some point in our life.  It could be due to bereavement, illness, long-term disability of a body part, financial issues, or post-traumatic stress. Mental health is all about how fit and capable you feel.

An aspect of physiotherapy involves diagnosing mental issues and suggesting effective remedies.  The general wellness and stress relieving techniques employed by physios are highly beneficial in lowering stress levels and improving mental health.

Here are some methods that are utilized in non-medicinal management of mental issues and pain: 

  • Special exercise protocols that improve mood & promote wellbeing 
  • Minimizing the side-effects psychotropic medications
  • Motivation and self-management 
  • Solving mobility issues with senior people
  • Working out developmental issues for kids and young people 
  • Intervention to treat ‘dissociation’ and awareness disorder

Numerous studies have shown that almost every kind of pain is associated with an abnormal mental condition.  Well-designed exercise routines under an expert can effectively treat physical and mental illnesses no matter how serious they might seem at present.

Sound mental health is characterized by good sleep, eating well, exercise, a positive attitude, and social support. 

Physical Well Being

Physiotherapy provides a gateway to health and plays an important role in promoting the physical wellbeing of people with long-term conditions. It helps restore function when there is injury, illness, or disability. It is also a preventive science that helps eliminate the risk of injury in the future.

Physiotherapy can be helpful  in the following traumatic conditions, for people of any age:

  1. Pain- relieves pain in deep tissue injuries
  2. Bones and joints disorders- heals back, neck, shoulder, limbs, and sports injuries
  3. Rehabilitation after a sports injury- runner’s knee, tennis elbow
  4. Neurological or brain dysfunction- inability to move after a stroke, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson’s disease
  5. Joint Replacement – mobilizing the implant after the surgery
  6. Circulatory system and Heart – rehabilitation after a heart attack
  7. Respiratory and breathing problems- pulmonary disease  and fibrosis

Physiotherapy can mobilize new joint implants, improve your physical activity, help in movement, recovering from surgery,  while also strengthening you to be safe from further injuries.

Even for diabetics and heart patients, PT provides rehabilitative as well as preventive care.

Last words

To enrich your body, mind, and soul, there is no better place than a physiotherapy office. From Parkinson’s disease & stress to total joint replacement, it has the healing power few people are aware of. We, at Goodwill Physiotherapy & Massage, are a team of university-trained health care professionals with a wealth of experience in the field. If you have any concerns about you or your loved one, contact our Calgary clinic today.

Post Natal Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

The group of muscles that support the pelvis and is responsible for bowel & sexual function, as well as bladder control, is your pelvic floor. Pregnancy & childbirth makes it weak and decentralised. It drops down about 2-3 cms.

The common issues handled by post-natal physiotherapy is to bring it back to its original position and enhance the muscular strength and tone. It includes strengthening exercises and electrical stimulation.

Post-Natal Abdominal Tone and Bulging Belly

What are Abs?

Your abs or the abdominal muscles are all subjected to substantial biomechanical changes and become stretched to the extreme of their elastic limit towards the end of pregnancy.

These set of muscles called the rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis and the internal and external oblique muscles play the following role: 

  • Support the trunk and keep the body stable and balanced
  • Keep organs in the correct position
  • Safeguard the spine from injury

Pregnancy shifts in the centre of gravity also reduces the mechanical ability of contraction. This results in a bulging belly. In the lower abs it causes a condition called Diastasis Recti. Although it doesn’t cause any pain in the abdominal area, it generates musculoskeletal issues.

Postnatal physiotherapy greatly helps with abs problems and abdominal separation. It provides the correct stabilization of the area with abdomen exercises that tone up and also prevent future occurrences. 

Postpartum Back Pain

It’s vital to care for your back to help discourage backache and trauma. While looking after a newborn, you are straining it considerably with all the bending and lifting. 

The main cause of back pain In the postpartum phase is: 

  • postural changes during pregnancy,
  • heightened ligamentous laxity,
  • hormonal effects
  • reduced abs function

Physiotherapy helps resolve all these issues with back exercises,  can help treat low back pain symptoms effectively with many traditional low back exercises, modal applications and modifications in movements and posture.

-Using the right kind of chair 

-Nursing the baby with the right posture

-Deterring from lifting weighty objects 

Back and spinal problems start in pregnancy and continue in the postpartum phase to become chronic if not handled at the right time.  

Post Natal Neck and Shoulders Stress

The upper back attains a kind of rounded shape when you are carrying a child. A lot of weight is centred along the belly, and the breasts increase in size and weight too. This affects posture and puts strain on the shoulder and neck muscles.

Delivering the baby does not necessarily restore posture but becomes faulty due to habit. Post natal PT is aimed at reducing pain, restoring balance, advice on modifying routine activities and strengthening the right muscles.

Your health is important 

Our Post- natal (and also prenatal) programs at Goodwill Physiotherapy & Massage include customized expert massages and assisted exercises by trained therapists. Every new mother must give herself this gift for the one time that she delivers a child.