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Professional massage therapists are trained to manipulate soft-tissues of the body, such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints, in order to improve health. In addition to reducing pain, rehabilitating injuries, improving circulation, relieving stress, increasing relaxation, and promoting wellness, it also aids in the general wellbeing of clients.

The therapeutic effects of massage treatment act on the muscles, nervous system, and circulatory system to promote health and well-being. In addition to developing, maintaining, and improving physical function, massage therapy can relieve or prevent physical dysfunction, pain, and stress effects.

Modern massage techniques have their origins in the 1700s with the development of Swedish massage, the first therapeutic massage method based on physiology. A Massage Therapist today uses a combination of traditional Swedish and modern Massage Therapy techniques, as well as exercise and other therapies to treat their clients. Massage Therapy involves various hand movements over the skin or clothing, which are referred to as specialized movements. Massage Therapists will work with your tolerance for pain during the treatment.

Goodwill Physiotherapy offers a variety of massage types, including Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Prenatal/Postnatal, Swedish, Silicone Cupping, and Hot Stone Massage.

Rehabilitation treatments that include massage therapy play a crucial role in pain management and recovery time. Such benefits of Massage Therapy Are

Circulating blood more effectively

During rehabilitation, different methods are used to help the body heal itself naturally. Massaging the body can improve circulation, thus enhancing the healing process. The distribution of nutrients and hormones is improved with increased blood flow. Massage increases blood flow in the affected area, which promotes faster healing. Massage can shorten rehabilitation time by 25 percent by increasing circulation.

Increasing range of motion

An injured person often has limited range of motion as a result of pain and stiffness in the affected joint(s). Regardless of the severity of the injury, the injured person develops a greater level of tension in the affected area. People in pain may worry that stretching could worsen their condition. Massage therapists can soothe and strengthen an injured person's muscles and joints, allowing them to regain motion.

Reduces the risk of future injuries

In the case of athletes, massage therapy can help prevent future injuries. Massage relaxes the muscles and enhances the body's circulation, thus reducing the chances of future impairment. Because of this, many professional athletes receive massage therapy prior to competition or practice.

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