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Physiotherapy & Massage

Our mission is to provide the community with the best available comprehensive treatment with the highest quality of care.

Our Services

Here at Goodwill Physiotherapy and Massage In addition to providing the highest standards in the field of physical therapy, our therapists are passionate about diagnosing, treating, and preventing orthopedic conditions. In a small and cozy environment we are able to work closely together to reach our common goal of restoring health and well-being to our patients.
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Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy techniques involve skilled passive movements of joints and soft tissues.
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Shockwave Therapy

By stimulating the metabolism, shockwave therapy speeds up the healing process.
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Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy for pelvic health involves the assessment and treatment of conditions relating to the pelvic floor.
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Laser Therapy

By sending billions of light photons directly to the affected area, it is very effective.
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Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese healing practice that involves the insertion of thin needles into specific points on the body.
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IMS/Dry Needling

Physical therapists use dry needling to treat pain and movement impairments as an alternative approach.

Why you should choose us

Our Physiotherapy & Massage is an outpatient clinic providing multiple services in one place. Our core vision is to provide the best available comprehensive treatment to the community with the highest quality care. We have a team of professionally trained and well-experienced individuals who are committed to providing the latest and most effective treatment options based on your individual needs. 

We understand that your health is your priority. Our team of experts will be happy to help so that your pain and injuries will no longer be a hurdle for your optimal health and quality of life.

What our Clients Say

The therapists actually listen, plan and customize treatment as needed. The staff are very attentive and caring.

Harry Adatia Avatar Harry Adatia
January 20, 2024

Must say the best Physio clinic i ever been to Admin Harpreet was so Kind, Easy to communicate, Very empathetic, Very positive & Dr link is just beyond I had attended my acupuncture last Saturday. never felt this better in years will visit again for sure

Rupinder RS Avatar Rupinder RS
November 8, 2023

Well i Called for some inquiries and Girl name Harprit if i am not mistaken The way she communicates and helped all my inquiries was just Amazing. She was so patient Greet me good Asked me how am i doing. I just never had this positive experience in any other clinic. Thank you for making me feel so Special. 10/10

El cruze Avatar El cruze
October 25, 2023

Direct Billing

We offer direct billing service. Please contact our office for more details.

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