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Give Your Mom the Gift of Physiotherapy

Mother’s day is around the corner and we have wonderful gift ideas for your mother and wife.

You could always say it with flowers/cards, but if you want an everlasting smile on her face, give her the gift of health and freedom from pain.

Physiotherapy is a thoughtful gift that can enhance the quality of life for the person you love.

We promise you that it could very well be the best gift you have ever given your mother or wife.

Goodwill Physiotherapy & Massage have wonderful ideas for you to reckon with. 

  1. Massage Therapy
  2. Pelvic Floor Therapy
  3. Prenatal & Postnatal
  4. For the Active Mom
  5. Overall Health Package

1. Massage Therapy as a Gift 

When you want to give the gift of massage to a mother, one would prefer that it is from a professional therapist.

It does not just last for an hour but it is something that helps eliminate preexisting pains, strains or anything else in between. This is the gift that extends to a long time. 

Researches have indicated that massage is very effective in preventing and treating a range of physical and psychological conditions.

The phrase ‘massage therapy’ interprets broad techniques that differ in the way we use touch and pressure to manipulate someone’s muscles and soft tissues. 

The age-old techniques are a form of manual therapy that improve health and wellbeing in many ways, such as:

  • Therapeutic effect on the mind and body, 
  • Increases circulation
  • Activates the nervous system
  • Relieves stress
  • Relaxes
  • Relieves pain & physical dysfunction 
  • Prevents future injuries

Types of Massages

Goodwill Physiotherapy provides an extensive range of messages to choose from.

  1. Deep tissue
  2. Relaxation
  3. Prenatal/postnatal
  4. Swedish
  5. Silicone cupping
  6. hot stone massage.

2. Pelvic Health Physical Therapy for Women 

Extremely beneficial therapy that corrects several problems you cannot pinpoint. Very often, the dysfunction of the pelvic floor muscles cause symptoms such as:

  • Urinary problems, like urinary incontinence, frequency, urgency, painful urination, difficulty in starting, stopping or fully emptying the bladder.
  • Bowel problems
  • Faecal incontinence
  • Unexplained pain/ Pelvic pain
  • Pain in the genital area
  • Rectal pain
  • Painful or difficult intercourse

Pelvic Floor muscles control the urinary & reproductive system including muscles, ligaments, nerves, and connective tissue.

They play a vital role in women’s health by providing support for the bladder, genitals, uterus, and anus. PFT improves sexual function and cures many issues.

3. Prenatal and Postnatal Therapy for Women 

This is a specific branch that pertains to pregnant women and new mothers.

Childbirth and pregnancy take their toll not only on the body but also on emotions and stress levels.

As a thank, you, give your special woman a pleasant gift, her own time in which she can relax and rehabilitate.

Post and prenatal physio address various issues related to the uterus, the abdominal muscles, headaches, neck strain, backache, tight hamstrings, and so many others. 

All women are different and have myriad hardships, pains, or sensations that physiotherapy can entirely improve.

To know more about the benefits of these services and more, you may contact us at Goodwill Therapy, Calgary.

4. For the Active Mom

Your mother may be the sporty active type. She’s into jogging, sports, swimming or maybe even rock climbing!

The contemporary woman has a lot of responsibilities to manage besides her home & kids, still, she takes parts in physical activities and sports.

For a woman like that( your mom or wife), physiotherapy is an excellent match for her lifestyle.

 It will protect her from sports injuries, and boost flexibility and muscle strength.

5. A Single Remedy for Several Health Issues

There is no doubt that physiotherapy plays an important role in women’s health and wellbeing.

Physiotherapy goes hand in hand with many treatments to promote the elimination of several types of ailments commonly faced by women after childbirth or menopause.

Osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, scarring after surgery, and many such issues are effectively eliminated with expert physiotherapy.

Importance of Physical and Mental Health

For mothers who have always prioritized their children’s health over their own, a gift of physiotherapy on Mother day is the best way to say,” I care for your health too”.

It is pretty common for mothers to put their well-being on hold. They always think that they cannot spare the time for physiotherapy, or it is not that important.

Consistently neglecting yourself catches up finally with a negative impact. But when she comes for a service at Goodwill Physiotherapy & Massage, we give her fitness the highest value.

It can push her entire outlook towards a positive lifestyle.

It could be chiropractic care, massage therapy, trying out Pilates sessions, or maybe getting new orthotics, we motivate our clients to adopt and maintain a self-care mindset.

Our experts also prescribe customized exercises that they can continue at home.