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Benefits of shockwave therapy

Introduction and Definition 

If one can avoid surgery and painkillers to mitigate his/her pain by alternate therapy or medicinal treatment, then you would prefer to undertake that treatment only. Isn’t it? In the world of healthcare, patients often seek such treatments that can help them get rid of their pain effectively & painlessly. One such therapy that is gaining attention for its effective pain-relieving results is shockwave therapy.  

Shockwave therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive medical treatment for chronic pain. It requires applying a chain of acoustic wave pulsations, which carry a required amount of energy, to the affected area. A small machine is used to produce such pulsations that build micro-cavitation bubbles which inflate & burst in the process and lead to the stimulation of healing cells in the body. Consequently, it elicits a healing reaction in the soft tissues of the pain-emitting area.  

How is shockwave treatment beneficial? 

Non-invasive, non-surgical & painless: This treatment does not involve any surgery, incisions, or pain. It is given by a small & handy machine that tends to apply shockwaves to the affected body part and through skin contact to reduce pain and stimulate healing.  

  1. No drugs involved:  

The best part is that no drugs or injections are prescribed for this procedure. Only local anesthesia may be used at the time of the procedure only to numb the sensations of shortwave pulsations.  

  1. Safe and minimal side eff-ects: 

It is entirely safe and may cause mild side effects in rare cases. These side effects are short-lasting and go away in a few days. 

  1. Faster relief in pain & rapid healing: 

If you are looking for faster recovery and quick elimination of chronic pain, then shockwave therapy is your best option. When conservative medicinal treatment fails in alleviating your pain, then this treatment can offer you that outcome by increasing the rate of healing in your body. 

  1. Cost-effective:

Undoubtedly, this treatment is more cost-effective than other surgical options. Moreover, it flaunts a better success rate. Earlier scientists used this treatment to naturally break kidney stones in the body and now it is also used to stimulate the growth of cells and healing of muscles, ligaments, bones, etc.  

  1. Improves mobility:

Physiotherapists recommend this treatment to restore mobility and physical functioning of the body as shockwaves pass strong oscillations to treat various conditions that call for physiotherapy. 

  1. Enhances the functioning of nerves:

Shockwave therapy has helped in mitigating inflammation and breaking up scar tissues. This affects the better functioning of body nerves and reduces the chances of nerve damage also.   

  1. Improve the functioning of joints: 

This therapy helps patients complaining of joint pain and movement, especially arthritic patients. It builds a series of pressure on and around the joints and thereby reduces pain.  

Is it affordable? 

Indeed, shortwave therapy is more financially feasible than any surgical option. Surgeries are invasive as well as painful. Above all, they are costly and shake the finances of the patient. The pre-op and post-op treatment can cause an extra burden of drug administration, medicine, nursing, recovery, or rehabilitation. But in Shockwave treatment, the patient does not have to pay for any drugs, medicine, or nursing.   

Shockwave treatment is effective in which conditions? 

This alternate health treatment has proven its effectiveness in healing various health conditions & injuries that may cause chronic pain also. It has been recommended in various fields like physiotherapy, sports medicine, urology, and orthopedics. 

Let’s take a look at those conditions & affected parts of the body: 

  • Bony heel Spur- Heel 
  • Plantar Fasciitis – Feet 
  • Tennis Elbow – Elbows 
  • Calcific Tendinopathies -Shoulder 
  • Achilles & Patellar Tendinopathies – Feet & knee 
  • Rotator cuff- Shoulder 
  • Neck Osteoarthritis – Neck 
  • Bursitis – Hips 
  • Lumbar, Cervical spine – Back  

Sports injuries are common amongst athletes. Surgeries carry high risk and longer healing time. Athletes who are suffering from pain, sprain, swelling, and injuries related to connective tissues, muscle, or tendon tissues can fearlessly go for shockwave treatment for safe & better results. 

Conditions in which shockwave therapy is prohibited are: 

  • Pregnancy 
  • Bone tumor 
  • Nerve disorder 
  • Open wounds 
  • Metabolic illnesses 
  • Infection 
  • Suffering from a heart condition or severe circulatory ailment 

Are there any side effects of this therapy? 

Apart from the above-mentioned conditions, shockwave therapy is potentially safe for a vast number of patients. Usually, it is provided once a week for 3 weeks to 1 month. The duration varies with the kind of injury and patient. One may experience mild discomfort initially but the amount of pulsation can be changed to make the patient comfortable. Mild side-effects may be experienced after the treatment i.e. temporary tenderness and swelling for some days. 

Statistics & facts about Shockwave therapy 

Clinical studies indicate that this therapy has over a 90% success rate. A clinical study issued by Sicot-J highlighted that over 65% of the patients suffering from calcific tendinopathy of the Rotator cuff have shown signs of betterment in terms of mobility and pain alleviation. 

Scientific studies on shockwave therapy showcase that this treatment has proven effective for many injuries and ailments. Be it a Massage therapist, physiotherapist, chiropractor, or podiatrist, all have entrusted this therapy in treating their patients in Canada and abroad.   

Absolutely no downtime!! 

Don’t worry about downtime in shockwave therapy. It takes about just 20 minutes only to perform this procedure. After the procedure, one can instantly go back to doing his/her daily chores and living without any pause or wait.  

Where can we get shockwave therapy in Calgary? 

Calgary has got a multitude of physiotherapy clinics that are giving shockwave therapy. Yet, if you are looking for a reputed physiotherapy clinic with an expert & experienced team of practitioners & physiotherapists, then Goodwill Physiotherapy and Massage center can be your apt choice. It has got an amazing team of therapists that are passionate about giving the right treatment, are qualified in performing shockwave procedures, and are extremely caring to their patients. At Goodwill physiotherapy, the problem is cautiously assessed to understand the course of treatment. It is well-equipped with a hi-tech shockwave machine which is applied accordingly on the affected parts of the patients that are causing them chronic pain. Here, transparency is offered at every step of the treatment to the patients with one mission i.e. to help patients in getting rid of their pain & expedite their healing process. 

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