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7 Massage Therapy Techniques to Benefit your Overall Health

Massage Therapies enhance and restore the natural functioning of the body in certain ways.

In both Western and Eastern cultures, massage therapy has been practiced for healing and recovery.

Goodwill Physiotherapy offers premier therapeutic massage throughout the country.

Having been equipped with technologically advanced procedures coupled with a qualified and registered massage therapist, we are honored to give you pain and stress-free life.

Massage therapy is much older than the Eastern culture of Shiatsu and Tuina.

Studies in recent years have shown that massage therapy is useful to manage a health condition or enhance wellness.

In addition to this, Appropriate techniques have been shown to be advantageous in relieving pain.

Massage involves the manipulation of soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons, and muscles, which increases flexibility and reduces pain.

Therefore, at Goodwill Physiotherapy we have experienced and skilled registered massage therapists who specialize in serving a pain-free life helping you to recover from soft tissue injuries and pain.

Goodwill Physiotherapy has a vast range of techniques and massage equipment to aid you in every possible aspect to provide a healthy life.

Some of the massage techniques include Swedish massage, silicone cupping, hot stone massage, Therapeutic massage, myofascial release, Sports massage, etc.

Goodwill Physiotherapy is awarded in Calgary for providing the best antenatal, prenatal and postnatal massage therapy.

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The Best Massage Techniques Provided by Us in Calgary Include:

Swedish Massage

This type of massage has done wonders in the area of reducing the stickiness among connective tissues and robust healing process along with creating muscle flexibility.

It helps to relieve pain in the lower back, knees, shoulders, arthritis, tennis elbows, and even headaches.

Therapeutic Massage 

It is defined as the mobilization of soft tissue to restore normal, systematic, and biomechanical functions.

It helps in relieving stress as well as relaxing the body.

Different arrays of massage techniques relieve various types of pain, muscle cramps, increasing range of motion, which accomplish specific goals.

Prenatal, Antenatal, and Postnatal Massage

This helps to improve circulation, reduce nervous tension, and relieve depression or anxiety.

Isometrics have been shown to be beneficial in toning muscles that increase flexibility and range of motion.

Myofascial Release

It is an alternative medicine therapy that claims to be useful in treating skeletal muscle instability and pain by injecting compressed muscle, improving blood, oxygenation, and lymphatic circulation. Stimulates the reflection of tension in the muscles.

Silicone Cupping 

A safe and traditional treatment that helps to resolve muscle tension and pain faster. It also assists to remove toxins from the body and promotes healing. 

Hot Stone Massage

This massage therapy involves the use of smooth and heated stones.

The weight and heat of the stones warm and relax muscles which helps to reduce stress and promote sleep.

Sports Massage 

Sports massage is defined as a collection of massage techniques intended to aid recovery or treatment of pathology in athletes or active individuals.

It relieves pain, anxiety, muscle tension, and increases flexibility and performance.

Well-trained registered therapists and advanced techniques offered at Goodwill Physiotherapy center help you to enjoy a healthy life.